A Better Way to Use Your Marketing Dollars

How to mismanage a lot of time and money with your marketing. 

If you never remember any other thing the experts tell you about marketing, PLEASE remember this.  You can write the most powerful, copy ever written; copy that explains everything so well people simply cannot resist buying.

BUT, if you start it this way, people won’t even bother to read it.  It’s so common it’s scary.

What’s the secret?

When we start our copy out in the first person … I, we, hello – I’m so and so, etc. … everything we say after that is lost.  Maybe not 100% of the time, but at least somewhere in the high 90’s percent.


First, because people don’t really care about the writer.  They’ve spent their whole lifetime investing in themselves – hard work – lots of money – lots of dreams and sacrifices.  They want to know how they can make their own efforts pay off in their own lives.  Almost everything else represents distractions.

Second, time is a huge issue for nearly everybody today.  Seconds count for most people.  We know that by the way people honk their horns at stoplights when the light turns green and it takes a few seconds for the person in the front car to recognize that.

Realistically, we have somewhere between one and two seconds to grab a reader’s attention.  So, your headline has to reach out and grab their attention like a bulldogger at a rodeo.  It has to be about your reader rather than anything you have, or sell, or who you are, or what service you offer.

Then, the next few sentences (the ‘lead’) have to HOLD their attention.  Nothing like jumping onto a steer and then losing our grip on his horns.

How do we do that?

We make … or imply … a promise.  My headline above implies a promise.  It implies I can tell you how to avoid losing time and money, but market anyway.  It’s the “promise.”

The next few sentences – my lead – suggest that I have the secret, and that if you continue reading, you’ll get that secret it too.

And now you have it.  1) Use an attention-grabbing headline that promises your reader a reward if they keep reading. 2) Suggest or imply their reward if they will just continue reading the body your message … without telling them ahead of time what your message is. 3) Only then is it safe to begin offering the meat of your message.

The sequence we use to give our messages is as important as the messages themselves.

#Dr Rick Boatright, D.C. writes commercial copy and authors books.  He also works part time with horses as a chiropractor in Central Arizona.  Visit his web sites at www.readem.net, www.survivingdiabetes.weebly.com, www.drrickboatright.com,

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