Love and Cholesterol

Love and Cholesterol

AKA “The Rabbit Study”

When I was in school in the mid 1980’s, a professor told us about an interesting study.  Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the source or the authors, but I do remember the story.

In a research facility at a university in the US, a drug manufacturer prepared to begin testing a new cholesterol-lowering drug prior to its release to the buying public.

A special breed of rabbits, prone to high cholesterol, was to be used for the testing.  They were fed a special diet specially designed to spike their cholesterol levels for the study.

The day before the testing was to begin; the researchers tested the rabbits to ensure that the cholesterol readings were sufficiently high.  But one group of the rabbits hadn’t reached the desired levels.  It baffled the researchers.

The rabbits had all been in the same environment and fed exactly the same food.  Why was this one small group different?

After substantial investigation, the researchers discovered that the low-cholesterol group had all been located in cages at eye-level.  When the feeders came around, they tended to take this group out, hold them, talk to them and pet them lovingly.  It was the only difference in this group.

To test this theoretical finding, they reproduced the study in 15 other university settings and it produced identical results.  The group that was taken out of the cages and petted lovingly at feeding time always had lower cholesterol levels.

You’ll probably never see that study on a statin-drug commercial because it suggests something that can help us approach cholesterol control from a more natural approach.

What’s that? Have somebody take you out of your cage every day to love you, talk to you and pet you!  It may be one of the reasons why married people statistically live longer!


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