About Me

Hi! I’m Doc Boatright. Thanks for stopping by.

The word, Doctor, means teacher.  I take that seriously.  It’s the old, “Teach a man to fish...” routine.  When you really understand your body and how it works, you have the best chance to get healthy and stay that way to your maximum capacity.

I’ve been practicing chiropractic since 1988.  I’ve been doing animal chiropractic (mostly horses and doggies) since 1998.  I’ve been writing about health since 1991.  My first full-length book was “Surviving Type II Diabetes” in 2006. (Available on Amazon.com).

So, my blog is a marrying of all my loves … chiropractic, animal chiropractic, and writing … for the purpose of fulfilling my mission as a doctor – AKA- a teacher.

Feel free to visit my other websites at www.drrickboatright.com, www.readem.net.  And feel free to visit my author’s page on Amazon at http://amzn.t0/2xUWk8h.

Thanks for visiting.